Advice for Hiring a Cleaning Company

Advice for Hiring a Cleaning Company

With the busy schedules of everyday people, the majority of us do not have time to clean our homes to our satisfaction. Balancing your personal life, work life and cleaning life is not easy, but a cleaning company can make it easier by offering cleaning services so you don’t have to do any of the work. 

Before you go and hire just any business, however, you want to be sure they will be effective at ensuring your home is clean from top to bottom. If you want to learn about how to hire the right cleaning company, check out some of the advice we here at Dust Busters offer.  

Things To Consider 

Different people will have different reasons as to why and how they want their house cleaned. Depending on the reasoning, you will likely want a service that meets those needs. You find the right company in a couple of ways: 

  • Finding reviews/references: You can do this by either asking the company for references directly or looking online to see if they have public reviews. These types of methods will give you a better understanding as to how their company operates and if they maintain a sense of quality or not. 
  • Green cleaning products: Do you struggle with certain product sensitivities/allergies? Maybe you just want to be more environmentally conscious as much as possible? Regardless of your reasoning, you can ask to see if they provide green cleaning alternatives. 
  • Package deals: It is important to inquire about what kind of package deals they offer. Certain offers will match more with what you need, while others will not. Be sure to ask questions about them such as if you can substitute certain services for others in the package or add new ones entirely. 

Questions to Ask Cleaning Companies 

There are a number of different questions you can ask a cleaning company to get a better understanding as to where they lie on certain values. Here are just a few: 

  • Are you insured/bonded? A professional cleaning company has workers compensation & liability insurance to make certain that any injuries that may happen within your place are completely covered (whether done to an employee or you). Without these protections, you could be held responsible for those who injured themselves in your home. 
  • What are the background checks like for your employees? When you hire a cleaning company, you are openly inviting people you don’t really know into your home. Background checks are important to ensure that the people entering your home are responsible, professional and safe. 
  • Do you require training for your staff? In certain places, home-cleaning certifications are not required to run a company or provide services. When you ask about training/certificates you get an idea as to how experienced the cleaning staff is.  

Hire Our Cleaning Company Today 

When you are looking for professional cleaning services, look no further than our company here at Dust Busters. With years of experience and skills under our belt, our team of cleaners work hard to come up with a package/deal you can be satisfied with. Save yourself some time from your busy schedule, and let our reputable cleaning company do the rest. To learn more about how to book a House Cleaning in Newmarket with us, call us at (905) 895-5326 today! 


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