How Commercial Office Cleaning Can Make Your Workplace More Productive

How Commercial Office Cleaning Can Make Your Workplace More Productive

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Do your employees seem disinterested in work or are they always goofing off on their phones? Perhaps they seem tired or unhappy? Most often, calling professionals to perform a commercial office cleaning service will jumpstart productivity in the office. A clean office is not only better for your employee’s health, but it can also improve their general mood which makes them more efficient. Even if you have a regular cleaning crew their surface cleaning may not be enough. A deep clean from our expertly trained staff here at Dust Busters may be just what you need to jumpstart the morale in your office.

Productivity Boosting Commercial Office Cleaning Services

A main goal of running your own business is to gain profit, in order to reach that goal your workers need to be productive. Poorly maintained workspaces tend to have lower levels of productivity and higher instances of workplace-related illnesses. Here are some of the top reasons that you should invest in a commercial office cleaning.

Better Health

When one of your employees calls in sick the productivity in the entire workplace suffers. If the illness is caused due to germs or bacteria from work, it can also cause an increase in your expenses. Cleaning your workplace on a regular basis will reduce the number of germs spread from person to person. Those in your workplace who may have allergies will also benefit for periodic cleanings.

Improve Focus

Employees are more productive when they are focused on their work. By reducing the amount of clutter there is in the workplace, you are eliminating useless distractions. Keeping the office organized will also help your employees find exactly what they need swiftly, making them more efficient overall.

Boost Work Culture

If your space is not clean and organized, it can be hard to present your company in a professional manner. A tidy and clean space will improve morale and garner confidence in your employees. This confidence will carry over to their work which will give them the boost they need to move your company forward.

Stress Relief

Disorganized workspaces and filthy common areas can cause stress in even the most stalwart employees. It can cause them to take frequent breaks to get away from the distressing areas which lead to a decrease in overall productivity. Keeping your office clean and neat creates a welcome place for your workers to do their work in comfort.


A clean workplace is a safe workplace. The last thing you want is for your employees to get hurt in accidents caused by a messy office. Keeping your office, bathroom and eating areas clean prevent accidents and keep your expenses down by preventing workplace injuries.

Customer Satisfaction

It is known that clients and customers both love to spend time in clean retail or office environments. Clean displays and tidy offices exude professionalism and boost trust. The more a customer trusts your business, the more likely they are to spend money or send business your way.

Keep It Clean With Us

We are the cleaning experts and we are dedicated to ensuring your office has a productivity solution in place all year round. We offer a range of weekly, monthly or season cleanings to keep your space clean and your employees motivated. To find out more about what we offer or to set up a cleaning, give Dust Busters a call at (905) 895-5326 now.


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