Time for Spring Cleaning – A Full Office Checklist

Time for Spring Cleaning – A Full Office Checklist

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When it comes time to clean your office, it’s easy to overlook several areas. This can cause debris, germs, and dust to collect which may result in an increase in workplace illnesses. With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to do an office cleaning and get rid of the clutter. Dust Busters has put together a checklist of commonly forgotten areas in your office to help you cover all the bases.


It’s easy for dust and germs to accumulate on large surfaces such as desktops. Areas hidden behind computers, printers and other office tools are breeding grounds for bacteria. Take the time to move these items and wipe down the entire surface to get rid of germs.

Picture Frames & Office Décor

Dust and germs love to collect on knick-knacks, frames and other loose elements in the office. Not only does this make your personal workstation appear cluttered, but it also leaves you open to nasty bacteria. Take the time to reduce the clutter by throwing out any items you no longer need and those that may be broken. Wipe down the surfaces of the remaining items with a disinfectant.

Computer & Parts

Desktops, keyboards, and your mouse are three of the most seldom cleaned items that collect the most dust in the office. Keyboards and mice tend to produce a more elevated concentration of germs thanks to the constant contact throughout the day. From here these germs and microbes are easily transferred to other areas in the office. Make sure to disinfect these areas often with antibacterial wipes to get rid of germs and dirt. Your laptop should also get a wipe down since it also observes the same type of traffic as your stationary computer.

Cords and Cables

An abundance of cords and cables merely make your space appear cluttered, but it can also present a fire hazard. Make a point to throw out old cords that don’t work, cords that are broken, or those that are not in use. The remaining cords should be arranged systematically and organized to keep them untangled.

Desk Phones

Office telephones are among the most used items in a workspace and also among the least often cleaned. Make sure to sanitize the phone receiver, buttons, and cords at least once a week. This will help cut down on workplace illnesses by reducing germs.

Kitchen Appliances

Toasters, coffee makers, vending machines, and microwaves in the office are also highly used items. You should make a point to clean themthoroughly during your spring cleaning and also wipe them down on a weekly basis.

Fridge Cleaning

The fridge in your office receives much more traffic than the one in your home but is cleaned less often. Make a point to clean your office refrigerator at least once a month. Throw away stale food, condiments, and spoiled items to prevent bacteria buildup.

Arranging Drawers, Filing Cabinet, and Files

Spring cleaning is also a great time to get organized. Toss our shred files and paperwork that is no longer needed. Organize drawers, file cabinets, shelves, and other storage areas. This will help reduce clutter, dust, and germs office-wide.

How We Can Help

The experts here at Dust Busters are happy to help you with your spring cleaning projects. We have the tools and the know how to properly disinfect your office. We have a wide selection of affordable packages, so get in touch with us today at (905) 895-5326.


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