Deep Cleaning? Here Are Some Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Deep Cleaning? Here Are Some Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

A deep house cleaning is also known as a detailed, more intense type of cleaning. These jobs ensure that your home is at its absolute cleanest, and usually covers nearly every spot of your home. The end result is a home that stays nice for months afterward. Even so, this job can be done correctly and incorrectly. Here at Dust Busters, we want to discuss the spots that are often missed in deep cleanings that shouldn’t be forgotten about.  

Knobs and Buttons 

This one is usually glossed over, but why? In most cases, we believe this is because A. It can be small and easy to forget and B. People assume cleaning these areas require more work, hence leaving it altogether. In other cases, others just don’t believe this part is in much need of a cleaning. This is not the truth however, as these surfaces collect tons of dirt, grime and grease overtime. Since our hands are very commonly loaded with bacteria, touching these knobs and buttons on and off everyday can spread unwanted germs. Always make sure these spots are dealt with in your cleaning.  

Cabinets and Cupboards 

Cabinets are also a common object that are ignored during a deep cleaning. Since these cabinets are often up and away from peoples general eyesight, the assumption is that they’re okay going without a cleaning. This couldn’t be farther from the truth however, as these parts of your home make or break your room designs and must be clean in order to shine their brightest. This means both the inside and outside of your cabinet as well — from the dust on the top of your cabinets, to the dust/food bits inside your cabinet shelves, to the underside of your cabinets. Always make sure to clean your cabinet handles as well, as these can get dirty with food and grease overtime. 

Window Sills and Baseboards 

If you thought you covered every spot of your home, don’t be so sure just yet as your window sills and baseboards are likely in need of a sprucing up as well. These spots in your home, just like the ones mentioned before, collect a lot of dust and dirt overtime and are more often than not, ignored. When you’re cleaning your floors next time you do a cleaning, make sure to get the baseboards as well. When you’re cleaning your window sills, there are often small grooves where dirt, dust and bugs can get trapped inside. To clean these areas, you can use a cloth and wear a face mask to be extra safe. There is often a lot of bacteria within these areas (and sometimes mold). 

How Our Cleaning Company Can Help 

If you are dealing with a less than clean home and desire professional cleaning services, look no further than our services here at Dust Busters. From top to bottom, you can be certain that your home is effectively cleaned with a house cleaning in Newmarket from our company. To find out more about our services and what we can do for your place, be sure to contact us at (905) 895-5326 today! 


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