Should I Be Home When My Cleaning Services Arrive?

Should I Be Home When My Cleaning Services Arrive?

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This is a common question that Dust Busters is going to address today. Most times, clients are unsure if they should be home when their house cleaning in Holland Landing services arrive or if they should leave their home to let the cleaners complete their work. The simple answer is that it is completely up to you and we are here to explain to you why this is. We will cover a bit more about why it’s up to you, our Cleaning Technicians preference, and what you should do. 

The Simple Answer 

The reason that this decision is up to you is because home cleaners never want to inconvenience you in your own home. They would never ask you to leave your home for a few hours because, in the end, it is your home! The cleaners here at Dust Busters are more than happy to work around you while you are home, and they don’t mind asking you to move to a clean space so that they can clean the space that you are currently in. With this being said, most clients will arrange their home cleaning services to be when everyone in the house is at work, so most times this is not an issue.   

Our Cleaning Technician’s Preference 

To be honest, our cleaners don’t mind whether you are home or not when they arrive to clean. Our cleaners are focused on the task at hand and are not concerned with these other factors. Our team also completes office cleaning which means they are used to working around people. The only time that cleaners can feel uncomfortable is when clients look over their shoulders and inspect their work as they clean. This puts the cleaners on edge while cleaning and it also makes for clients getting in the way. This is when it gets tough because it’s hard to get things done right when there are interferences every step of the way. 

What You Should Do 

If you work from home, then have our team come in while you are working. Our team will not interrupt you and we work fast. On the other hand, if you don’t work from home or you have errands to run, don’t feel like you need to race home to meet us. You can go about your day as normal and our team will be in and out at your scheduled time. You can choose whichever way that you are comfortable with, the decision is yours to make. 

How We Can Help 

Our team understands that clients hire a cleaning service to make time in their day to complete other daily roles. That’s why our team at Dust Busters is professional and qualified to complete each home cleaning efficiently and effectively. If you are interested in hiring house cleaning services for your home, it’s time that you give our team a call today at (905) 895-5326 and we would be happy to schedule you in. 


Our experienced team of cleaning staff is comprised of fully trained professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our team is ready to bring you the clean home you want to come home to!

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