4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for the Fall Season

4 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for the Fall Season

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As the trees and plants start to light up the landscape with color, the weather also starts to cool. Fall is here and with it comes family holidays followed soon after by the New Year. In the summer you may have dedicated your time to many outdoor activities, but now it’s a good idea to get your house fall and winter-ready. Dust Busters has put together four tips to help you prepare your home for this fall season.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

During the spring, most households put away clutter and refresh the space to allow in the fresh air. In the cooler months, those same cold-weather items such as jackets, boots, scarves, and blankets are brought back out again. It is a good idea to start unpacking your fall and winter gear to give them a chance to air out. In some cases, you may need to send things for cleaning or even repair. At the same time, you can also store your summer and spring gear in vacuum bags to keep them clean and tidy until the next season.

Wash Your Baseboards

Baseboards are one of the most overlooked places in a daily cleaning routine. This can be due to a heavy regular schedule or simply just because they are easy to pass over. As fall rolls around and people spend more time inside, it’s easier to notice the little details such as dirty baseboards. This is one area in your home that attracts dust more than anything else, but it is simple to clean. You can vacuum the area with the hose attachment followed by a quick wipe down with a wet cloth.

Clean Your Walls & Cabinets

Your cabinet facings and your walls can do with a good cleaning in the fall season. Scuffmarks, handprints, and stains can all make these areas look dingy and dated. Instead of passing these areas over, grab a microfiber cloth and a paint-safe all-purpose cleaner.  A wet magic eraser works well too….test it out first as they may remove not only the scuff marks, but paint too.  Clean all your cabinet exteriors, even the ones in your bathroom. Also, wipe down your walls paying close attention to those in high traffic areas such as hallways.

Trash Paper Debris

Many of us get a lot of junk mail or even magazines and advertisements that we never use. Instead of collecting that excess paper that will eventually turn into clutter, toss it instead. Add any paper that you don’t need to your recycling bin after crossing out any sensitive information. Not only mail, but also grab old notices, school papers, invitations, and other paper goods that you no longer have a need to retain.

How Dust Busters Can Help Get Your Home Ready for Fall

If you are looking for a way to get your house fall-ready, we can help. Our cleaning technicians are able to work with you on projects of all sizes and complexities. For those looking for a deep fall cleaning or intense organizations, give us a call at (905) 895-5326 to find out more.


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