Deep Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

Deep Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

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Cleaning your home on a weekly basis is a good way to keep out germs and maintain a basic level of cleanliness. Sometimes basic cleaning just isn’t enough especially if there has been some form of natural disaster, big event or you are in need of a post renovation cleaning service. In these cases, a deep cleaning is the best way to get rid of germs and keep your home in pristine shape. Dust Busters has a few helpful deep cleaning tips to help make the hardest task easier.

Clean Your Cleaning Implements

Cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, and dusters are used to clean away dirt and debris from your home. These same implements also need to be cleaned periodically or even replaced after a certain period of time. Depending on what type of broom you have, they can be vacuumed or even washed with soap and water. Mops and other wet implements can be cleaned in a wash of antibacterial cleaner.

Battling Toilet Odor

There is nothing worse than cleaning your bathroom only to find it still has the smell of a public toilet. If scrubbing the bowl with a strong cleaner isn’t effective, chances are the smell is coming from somewhere else. There are siphons on the toilet that help flush out waste and over time these areas can gather waste which starts to build bacteria and accumulate fungus. Sealing these holes with tape and then doing a vinegar flush will help clean the bacteria and improve your bathroom to be free of bad odors.

Sink, Stains & Smells

Porcelain sinks can generate stains and cracks just like any other material in your home. The most expeditious way to get rid of unsightly stains and restore them to their former glory is by cleaning them with baking soda. Making a mixture of Ammonia, baking soda and water is the perfect affordable scrub to restore porcelain to its prior shine.

Clean Your Stove Burners

Stovetops that look like they have survived the apocalypse or a nuclear explosion don’t encourage you to cook a hot meal. When it comes to cleaning up stains on your stovetop, baking soda and water can work wonders. Make a paste of baking soda and water and slather it over the stained or burned areas. Allow it to sit for 20 – 30 minutes and then scrub away to restore your stove to its original shine.

Clean Your Pillows

Although you may clean your pillow covers every week, your pillows themselves could use a wash as well. Most pillows are machine washable and you should toss them in for a spin every few months. To prevent the dreaded clumping in the dryer just add a tennis ball or two to the cycle. If you don’t have time to put them in the washer, hang them out in the sun to kill bacteria and funky odors.

How Dust Busters Can Help

We are always here to help with your house cleaning projects regardless of the size of your home. If you are interested in finding out more about our cleaning packages or to get more cleaning tips, give us a call at (905) 895-5326 today.


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