Tips For Easy Home Cleaning In The Winter

Tips For Easy Home Cleaning In The Winter

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Everyone gets the urge to deep clean every once in a while. Spring is usually when families dedicate their weekends to spring cleaning, but the winter is an equally opportune time to get the task out of the way. With so many people cooped up in the house for most of the year, and with nothing else to do during the winter months, deep cleaning is a highly productive activity. At this time, with the Covid challenges and a lot of family members being in the household, possibly getting ready for the holidays, may be a bit challenging.  Homes are more prone to clutter and mess which is all the more reason to get a jump on cleaning or look for a house cleaning service in Holland Landing. If you are not sure how to get started, these winter cleaning tips from Dust Busters are a great place to start.

Cleaning in the Winter

Winter is well known for being laden with snow and in some cases rain. This can lead to a lot of mess in your home as well as seasonal illnesses. The cold and flu tend to explode in the cooler months due to more standing dust and dryer air. When you pair these conditions with wet weather, you have a recipe for illness and mess in your home. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule will keep your home clean all winter long and cut back on seasonal illnesses.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed with cleaning or to put it off completely during the holiday season. This is actually one of the worst habits a homeowner can have. Not only will it encourage the collection of bacteria and debris, but it will also make spring cleaning that much harder.

Winter Home Cleaning Tips

Start by cleaning out the filters in your furnace. During the winter you will be heating your home so you will need to change the filters more frequently. Since windows will be closed, dust will linger indoors which can rapidly degrade the air quality.

Your electronics such as your TV, remotes, and computers should also get a good cleaning. Use compressed air to clean the keyboards and cracks. You can use electronics cleaner or rubbing alcohol, a good grade disinfectant to clean and sanitize the surfaces but do not overdo it.  It has been known that overcleaning with disinfectants can create super bugs.  A healthy balance will do the trick.  Not only will this help banish bacteria, but it can also help reduce the spread of harmful germs and viruses.

The winter tends to bring a lot of moisture in the form of mush and puddles on the floors. One way to help reduce the mess that comes from wet outdoor weather is by putting down floor mats. Use a waterproof floor mat outside each exterior door with another mat inside each door. This will help catch stray water, snow, rain, and salt before it gets tracked all over the house.

It is also important to dust and de-web your ceilings, top of bookshelves, and other high places, Wipe down your surfaces with a slightly damp cloth or a swiffer duster will do the trick and then a quick wipe with you slightly damp microfiber cloth to banish dirt and reduce allergens. Everything needs to be dusted on a regular basis to help keep your indoor air quality as clean as possible during the dry winter months.

Keeping Your Home Clean in the Winter With Dust Busters

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