Items in Your Home That You Should Not Forget to Clean

Items in Your Home That You Should Not Forget to Clean

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Cleaning your home creates a feeling of accomplishment once the job is properly done. However, to do so, it takes a massive amount of work. Since there are so many things to clean, it’s also common for a few key items to be overlooked. Dust Busters has put together a list of items in your home that you should make sure are added to your cleaning checklist.

Light Fixtures & Fans

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your ceiling fans or lights? Most people can’t. Some may even go decades without touching them, aside from changing the occasional bulb. Make a point of cleaning your fixtures every season or once every two months. If you need help, you can always call in the professionals for assistance.

Cushion Covers & Bed Sheets

Take a moment to think about when you last washed your cushion covers. Now, think about when you last changed your sheets. Both are exposed to a high number of oils, dirt, and bacteria while you sleep. Your body gives off these oils and fluids, while dust and dander are always in the air. It is important to wash them regularly, ideally at least once a week. For couch covers or chair covers that are not removable, you can vacuum them instead.

Freezer and Refrigerator

Most people won’t clean their refrigerator or freezer until something starts to smell bad or if there is a spill. You should make a point of cleaning your refrigerator and freezer bi-weekly to prevent the buildup of bacteria that can lead to illness. A clean refrigerator will also ensure that your food remains hygienic at all times.

Blinds & Windows

Blinds, window sills, and curtains tend to attract dust much more quickly than other areas of your home. These items are important because they help protect you from UV rays and the heat. However, it is vital that they are kept clean to improve your homes internal air quality.

Shower Curtains

Your shower curtains can be breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. They are in a warm and damp place all day long, which can encourage the growth of various microorganisms. Make a point of washing your curtains at least once every two weeks and invest in a no mould curtain liner to help cut down on mould and bacteria growth.

Any Cleaning Accessories

The items you use to clean your home also need some attention. Your broom, mops, trash cans, and other cleaning accessories should be cleaned often, or in some cases, replaced. Instead of spreading bacteria in the name of cleaning, take the time to sanitize your cleaning products.

How We Can Help

If your home needs a good deep cleaning, we are here to help. Dust Busters has been providing our superior Newmarket house cleaning service for over 18 years, meaning we have the knowledge and know-how to handle any client request. To find out more about our services packages or to get an estimate, give us a call at (905) 895-5326 today.


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