Is Disinfecting Surfaces Still Important?

Is Disinfecting Surfaces Still Important?

When the beginning of the pandemic took place, stores around the world felt a huge impact. Disinfectant sprays and wipes were sold out practically everywhere, but people were constantly being told to wipe down their packages and cans they bought at the grocery store.

Interestingly enough, scientists have learned a lot during this outbreak including how it is transmitted, and it seems as though all of that disinfecting may not be entirely needed.

When a person infected with COVID coughs, sneezes or talks loudly, droplets of the virus can travel through the air and land on whatever surfaces are close to them, but the risk of getting contaminated this way is apparently extremely low. The virus is seen to decay quite quickly, getting rid of the infectiousness within the particles.

Early on in the pandemic, studies were released to show that the virus can last for long amounts of time on surfaces, in some cases, days. In retrospect, this outlook was considered “overkill”. All of the evidence points towards breathing in the air from the virus as being the most important factor in whether or not you have a risk of getting infected.

Regardless of this new information, the majority of people still continue to wipe down door handles, packages and groceries mercilessly. Workers all across Canada still spend hours of their time disinfecting surfaces in public areas such as subways/subway stations and airports.

If air transmission seems to be more of a risk than surface transmission, then why are we not focusing on ways to ventilate public areas? At the end of the day, figuring out how to prevent COVID transmission as a whole is easier said than done.

Spraying disinfectant is not only seen as unproductive, but it can also be detrimental to your health. With such a heavy use of different chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach, you are much more prone to inhaling these toxic molecules, in turn damaging your lungs.


Viruses are around us all the time, so we don’t want to scare you. When you’re out, be conscious of the surfaces you come into contact with. Just because surface transmission is at a lower danger risk, does not mean it should be ignored altogether, especially if we have core morbidities where our immune system may be lower. Be sure to avoid touching your face, wash your hands using hot soapy water as this the most effective way to remove chemicals and all kinds of germs including the novel coronavirus. Hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol to use in a pinch which can be washed off once you get home is also a suggestion.

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