Get Spring Ready With a Deep Cleaning and Home Sanitization

Get Spring Ready With a Deep Cleaning and Home Sanitization

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Spring is in the air, and if you are like most people, you are probably ready to do some seasonal cleaning. Starting spring off with a fresh space is the best way to welcome the season and clear away any reminders of the cold winter weather. If you are squeezed for time but still want to get your house cleaned and organized for spring, a capable cleaning company such as Dust Busters can help.

We offer a broad range of  house cleaning services in Newmarket and East Gwillimbury , including seasonal care, so you can leave your home in our hands while you enjoy the weather. Our skilled cleaning technicians can handle everything from simple organizing and sanitizing to deep cleaning and total home maintenance care on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Below, we’ve created an easy-to-follow spring cleaning guide that can help you stay organized in between our visits.

Living Room

Put any soiled clothes or linens on a pile. Next, gather all outdated newspapers and magazines and put them in the recycling bin. If you have mail strewn about, gather it into a pile and place it in your mail holder. Most people have one; chances are you do too! Move dirty dishes into the kitchen, dust all out surfaces, and fluff the pillows. Take the soiled linens clothes to the laundry room and add to the pile.

Family Room

Not all homes have family rooms in addition to living rooms, but if yours does, start again with removing soiled linens and clothing. Then, place them in a pile. Media collections are routinely kept in the family room, so gather all of your CD’ s and DVD’ s and place them in their proper racks. If you have a bookshelf, place any book lying about in their proper place as well. Make sure to dust. Then, organize the pillows and chairs in the room. Take the soiled linens clothes to the laundry room and add them to the pile. Check the cycles on the washer. If it’s done, transport them to the dryer and start another load. By this time, you likely have already completed half of your pile of laundry while organizing your home at the same time.


Most homes also have several bathrooms and the steps for cleaning them are the same for all. Start with folding and storing clean towels in the cabinets. Remove dirty towels and place them in a pile or put them in the laundry. Throw any all trash from the counters and floor. Also, make sure to trash dull razors and toothbrushes more than 3 months old. Check all soap, shampoo, and bottles. Throw away the empty ones and organize the full ones. Repeat these steps for your medicine cabinet. Finally, clean the surfaces and repeat the laundry steps.

Dining Room

There shouldn’t be any linen here other than table covers and napkins, but if you do have soiled items, place them in a pile or move them to the laundry room. Take your display dishes and properly place them in your china cabinet after dusting. Set your tables simply but formally for an extraordinary look. Remove all papers and items that don’t belong in the dining room and place them in the proper rooms.

Make Your Spring Fresh with Dust Busters

Organizing your home is easy, but you should leave the deep spring cleaning to the professionals. Why handle the dirty work when Dust Busters is here to do it for you? While you enjoy the fresh spring weather or just spend time with your family, we will clean your home from top to bottom. Give us a call at (905) 895-5326 to find out more about our seasonal packages.


Our experienced team of cleaning staff is comprised of fully trained professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our team is ready to bring you the clean home you want to come home to!

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