Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

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There is nothing quite like doing a deep clean for spring, and giving your home a little re-fresh. However, with already a month into the season, even if you haven’t already done your spring cleaning, it is never too late to start. With these amazing tips from Dust Busters you can get your home looking brand new in no time!

Create a Schedule for Yourself

Having to clean your entire house can seem like an over-whelming task. Therefore, it is best to create a schedule and break each part of your house into sections. For example, leave around one hour for your bedroom, one hour for your living room, and so on. This will make cleaning your home more manageable, and you will be able to stay on top of the cleaning!

Since it will take longer to do a deep clean, it is best to leave yourself a full day to complete it. If you find that you don’t have the time to partake in spring cleaning, then leave it to us to do a house cleaning for you!


A main goal for spring cleaning is always to de-clutter your home. With the long months of winter, maybe you have let your house get a little messy. Therefore, why not get organized by getting rid of the clutter that has built up. Some key spots that will surely need a deep clean are: your closets, your “junk drawer,” and your office space. Spring-time also coincides with allergy season, so by de-cluttering your space you will simultaneously get rid of dust and unwanted germs as well.

Don’t Forget About the Walls and Windows

Most people will only think to clean their floors. However, it is also important to give your walls and windows some love too, as dust can build up on them as well. You can give a quick clean simply by taking a damp cloth and wiping down the surface. Voila – good as new!

How We Can Help

Spring cleaning will take a lot of work, but Dust Busters is here to help. If you want your home de-cluttered and freshened up for the warmer weather, then do not hesitate to contact us at (905) 895-5326.


Our experienced team of cleaning staff is comprised of fully trained professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our team is ready to bring you the clean home you want to come home to!

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