Why Should I Deep Clean My Home?

Why Should I Deep Clean My Home?

Have you mastered deep cleaning your home? Maybe you need some help getting there? If you’re not sure why you should be deep cleaning your home or if you need help starting this process, this article was made for you. Our team at Dust Busters provides Newmarket house cleaning services and our company is here today to share with you what deep cleaning is, why it’s important, and what it includes. 

Deep Cleaning Explained 

Usually, we all keep our homes tidy daily or weekly by making habits to do the laundry, dishes, and vacuuming the surfaces. But let’s face it, this quick tidy-up game is not going to cut it. As dirt and dust begin to collect in hard to reach places, it’s time to deep clean.  

Deep cleaning chores usually do not get done weekly or monthly because the chores can be quite time-consuming. Typically a deep clean is only done a few times a year. Dust Busters recommends a deep clean when the seasons change at spring and fall. Some examples of a deep clean include cleaning the window frames, patio doors, cleaning the oven, getting behind the refrigerator, and deep dusting each room. This style of cleaning takes some planning and more time to get done efficiently and effectively.  

Why Deep Cleaning Is Important 

Living in a hygienic space is important for both you and your family’s health and safety. Although the daily and weekly cleaning chores can banish visible messes and build-ups of dirt, grime that is not visible still needs to be looked after too. 

While you deep clean those hard to reach places, you will end up improving your air quality and help to avoid allergy symptoms and worsening asthma. Another benefit of deep cleaning is that you are preventing mold from growing. Disinfecting your home is important and this important job should not be looked over or forgotten about. 

What a Deep Clean Includes 

A deep clean service goes well beyond an everyday clean and covers every aspect of a home. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and more.  

This type of clean helps to clear out the build-up of dust, hair, pollen, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, and a range of other pollutants. Typically, this type of build-up can be found under and beside furniture, below beds, on the top of window frames, deep in the carpets, and everywhere in between! Scrubbing, mopping, dusting, shining, and disinfecting are important steps of this process to each room involved.  

How We Can Help 

Our team at Dust Busters Services provides cleaning services that can eliminate the build-up of dirt and dust that we have been talking about. If you are looking for a team to clean your home and get to those hard to reach places, our team is ready to complete the job. With a trustworthy crew on board and tailored cleaning plans, our team can accomplish anything. To book your deep clean appointment, give us a call at 905-895-5326 today. 


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