Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Will Transform Your Kitchen

When you are unable to perform a full house cleaning, kitchen cleanings are an amazing way to make the rest of your home look clean. As a matter of fact, in many cases, kitchens collect the most dirt and grime. With all of the food and other dirt that piles up in this area, it makes sense that this would be the space that needs the most thorough cleaning. If you’re looking for some effective ways to clean your kitchen that will transform the look of this area, check out the advice we here at Dust Busters have to offer below. 

Create a Sparkly Sink With At-Home Ingredients 

Most, if not all homes will have baking soda on hand. This powder has multiple purposes, with one of them being a cooking ingredient and the other being a fridge freshener. Did you know, however, that baking soda is great at cleaning certain surfaces in your home? This is especially true when it comes to your home’s metals.  

If you miss the shine that your kitchen sink gave off back in the old days, you can restore it with baking soda. To do so, simply sprinkle your entire sink with baking soda and wet it. Allow a paste to begin forming. Once that paste has formed, soak paper towels in white vinegar, and line the sink with these paper towels. Let your sink sit like this for about 20 minutes. Once the timer is up, rinse your sink with warm water and wipe it down with a cloth. 

Never Forget Your Cabinets 

When you’re going through your kitchen, your cabinets are likely to be one of the main components of your kitchen that’s ignored. This is especially true if they are darker in colour, since mess will be harder to spot on these areas. Even so, cleaning your kitchen cabinets is integral to a beautiful, spotless kitchen. Overtime, grease and other buildup from our hands can collect onto these cabinets, both on the faces of the cabinets and on the handles. To clean this mess, simply dissolve a dishwasher tab in hot water, dip a cloth in this solution and wipe the cabinet and all of its parts down.  

(Carefully) Clean Your Counters 

Cleaning your counters may seem easy, but there are actually certain products you should avoid when doing this job. For example, if you use bleach on your marble or quartz counters, you can damage the counter itself and open the possibility of stains and other discolorations. Each countertop will come with a different type of cleaning method, so always be sure to do your research before going in with a cleaning product you’re unsure of. If you need a good alternative, dish soap and water is usually safe for almost every countertop.  

Always Clean From Top To Bottom 

When you want to ensure that every area is its most clean, working from top to bottom is the best way to do so. When you clean from the bottom up, every other surface above the floor will get wiped down and all of the crumbs/dust will fall onto the floor. In this situation, you’ll end up with more mess than you bargained for. If you switch that and go from top to bottom, however, you can dust off as many surfaces, counters, etc. as you like without having to worry about re-sweeping your floor since it will be the last step in your routine. This method saves yourself time, as well as makes things easier. 

Let Our Cleaners Help 

Cleaning your home is an amazing way to clear your mind and make way for new opportunities. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has the time, energy or motivation to get these types of cleanings done. This is especially true in current times, where work is considered super important and inflation is at an all time high. If you are looking for a way to get this cleaning done while saving you the time, money and stress, let our team at Dust Busters help. With a variety of different cleaning services for each situation, we do what is needed for those who need it most. To learn more about how to begin a house cleaning in Newmarket with us, be sure to call us at (905) 895-5326 today! 


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