How to Have a Successful Move Out Cleaning

How to Have a Successful Move Out Cleaning

Moving into a new home is stressful enough— thinking about cleaning on top of that makes it even more stressful. When you feel as though you don’t have enough time for both and require help with the cleaning side of it, our company at Dust Busters can help. In the meantime, however, we want to provide you with advice on how to find the best move out service for your upcoming move.

Book Ahead of Time

If you require more affordable, organized services then booking ahead of time is crucial to achieve maximum results. This may come as a surprise, but the fees for cleaning services become more expensive the more last minute you decide to book them. This is mainly because of supply and demand, so be sure to avoid booking your services near the end of the month and book them early in the month instead (with at least a few weeks’ notice).

Another reason why you should book ahead is because cleaning service bookings fill up fast, especially when one works with a more reputable, well known company (such as our team at Dust Busters). There is nothing quite worse than going to book cleaning services only to find out that they don’t align with your move. You are then spending more time trying to find another reputable cleaning service, all while you should be prepping for your move. Plan ahead and you will see the positive results in no-time.

Movers First, Then Cleaners

Making sure your movers complete their job first is important as it is the best way to ensure your cleaning services to be their best; quality and time-wise. In a lot of cases, movers end up behind schedule but it is almost never their fault. A number of different factors affect the time of a move that are not under anyone’s control, including weather, truck problems, accidents during lifting, etc.

Another reason why movers should always work on your home first is because of the mess they often leave behind. This kind of mess is inevitable and would happen whether you hired movers or not, but stuff such as messy boots going in and out of the house, dust and dirt from items being moved, and skid marks from furniture catching on the wall/doors will likely happen during this process. You won’t want to leave your house like this when you leave, so be sure the cleaners come in after the moving process so they can get rid of all the residuals from your move.

Buy The Required Packing Supplies

When you hire moving services and only moving services, you cannot expect them to also provide you with packing supplies. Before movers come to your home to do their job, you want to be sure that you have prepared all of your items and packed them accordingly. There are a wide variety of supplies stores that offer affordable boxes and other equipment in bulk so you can obtain everything you need for the big day. You don’t want to do this kind of thing last minute, so be sure to order online ahead of time or find a store near you and go with a list of everything you know you need. Stuff such as packing tape, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, markers, labels and box cutters are a good start. 

Hire The Right Cleaning Services Today

When you require only the most professional, high quality cleaning services for your next move, our team at Dust Busters has got your back. For years, our team has worked day in and day out to provide our clients with the best cleanings possible— all for a great price. To learn more about our Move Out Service in Newmarket and how we can help ease some of the stress from your next move, be sure to call us at (905) 895-5326 today!


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