The Importance of Post Renovation Cleaning

The Importance of Post Renovation Cleaning

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Renovations are as stressful as they are exciting, but the end result is well worth any temporary inconvenience. The actual renovation work may take weeks or even months. However, even once the construction team has left, your job still isn’t over. Before you can fully enjoy your new space, it must now be cleaned. Dust Busters has some important information on post renovation cleaning that you should keep in mind.

Why is Post-Renovation Cleaning Important?

Contractors will usually clean up the big mess after their work is complete. That means hauling away debris and cleaning up construction waste. Aside from the big items, renovation leaves behind a lot of dust that can permeate other areas of your home. Before you can relax, it is important to get rid of dust and debris that can ruin the air quality in your home.

What Does Post-Renovation Cleaning Involve?

Post-renovation cleaning is more than your average home cleaning job. Construction dust can settle into unseen corners and forgotten cracks in your home. Fine renovation dust also can permeate the various fabrics, such as your curtains and mattresses. Having a company like Dust Busters who specializes in after-renovation cleaning is the best way to ensure your home is spotless after a project.

Cleaning Tips

Following renovations or construction, proper home cleaning is essential. If you decide to try cleaning your own, there are a few techniques we suggest that will help you to best rid your home of leftover dust and grime.

  • Flooring – Your floors are the perfect place for dust and grime to settle. No matter what type of flooring you have, after renovation cleaning requires a bit more effort than usual. Professional cleaning companies will have the right equipment and products to complete deep cleaning, but you can also rent floor cleaner units from most local stores.
  • Dusting – The most critical hazard that comes with renovations is the sheer amount of fine dust that is expelled into the air. This dust tends to settle on every surface, as well as sink into the fabric. To remove the toxins from the air, you will need to wipe down all surfaces in each room. This means the tops of shelves, behind televisions, and even the surface of your blinds.
  • Windows – Your windows and window frames will need as much attention as the other areas of your home following a renovation. Make sure to use a strong cleaner to wipe down the glass, frames, and corners of each window in your home.
  • Air Vents – Even if you have strong air filters, other rooms in your home can still be affected by construction dust. Depending on the type of filters used in your home, they will either need to be replaced or wiped down to restore their effectiveness.

Why You Should Hire Us

Post-renovation cleaning is much different than traditional home cleaning tasks. For the job to be done right, the right cleaning products and cleaning equipment must be used. Hiring a professional cleaning company such as Dust Busters will ensure that your home will be spotless and germ-free following your project. For more information about our Holland Landing post renovation cleaning service or to get a no-obligation quote, give us a call at (905) 895-5326 today.


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