Properly Cleaning Your Mirrors: A How-To Guide

Properly Cleaning Your Mirrors: A How-To Guide

While this home feature can often be overlooked, the mirrors in your home can get dirty quite quickly. While this may not seem like too much of an inconvenience on your home’s aesthetic, it can be very noticeable to new guests/visitors. 

If you want to learn about the best way to clean your mirrors for a spotless, shiny result, check out the advice our house cleaning company at Dust Busters are offering our readers today. 

Some Things To Avoid 

Just like there are steps to follow regarding mirror cleanings, there are also things you should avoid doing, as they can actually make your mirror look messier. Some of these important things to avoid doing include: 

  • Wiping steamy mirrors with a towel. When you’ve just hopped out of the shower and are looking to do your skincare/haircare, chances are you will use a towel to wipe away the condensation on the mirror. We recommend you don’t do this, however, as towels will often end up leaving dust and hair on your mirror. Streaks are inevitable with this towel method as well. 
  • Wiping mirrors with paper towels. Just like regular towels, paper towels also leave behind debris on a mirror’s surface. Streaking is also prevalent when you decide to wipe down mirrors with this material. 
  • Using non-window/mirror cleaners on mirrors. When you use cleaning products that are not meant for windows & mirrors on mirrors, you are bound to end up with some issues. Whether it be streaking, smudges or a complete inability for the product to dissolve off the mirror, we always advise against using random cleaning products on your mirror. 

How To Perfectly Clean Your Mirrors 

Getting a shiny, streak-free result on your mirror does not have to be complicated. With the help of our steps below, you can get the perfect looking mirror in no time. Some materials you will need include: 

  • Cotton pads 
  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Mirror/window cleaning solution (or a water-vinegar mixture) 
  • Microfibre cloths 

When it comes to starting your mirror clean, we always recommend getting rid of the big problems first. That way when you go to use your glass cleaner, you don’t end up leaving more streaks. Before using your mirror cleaner, dip a cotton pad in rubbing alcohol and remove messy bits on your mirror such as globs of toothpaste, hair product, soap residue, etc. This may require a bit of effort to properly scrub off, but once you get rid of these messier areas it becomes much easier to clean your mirror as a whole. Always be sure to act quickly during this step, as rubbing alcohol can dry quite quickly. 

The next step is to clean the mirror using your cleaning product + cloth. Spray the mirror with a cleaning solution at a far enough distance so there is a light coat of mist on the surface of the mirror. Too much cleaning solution and you can end up with product dripping down your mirror onto the floor/into the frame.  

Once you’ve applied the product evenly and lightly, take your microfibre cloth, fold it and wipe down your mirror starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom. You should wipe in a zig-zag motion slowly going downward as you cover each area of the mirror.  

Once you are done cleaning the mirror with solution + a cloth, do one final inspection to look for any debris + dust. If you notice some, try the wipe-down process again and remove any of this debris. 

How We Can Help 

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