Should I Have My Home Deep Cleaned Before Moving In?

Should I Have My Home Deep Cleaned Before Moving In?

The answer is YES. One should always have deep cleaning services performed before moving into a new home. When a deep clean is performed, you are guaranteed that everything is sanitized and the home you bought is in pristine condition when you are ready to move in. Our team at Dust Busters provides Holland Landing House Cleaning services as well as deep cleaning services, and today we are here to present to you what is covered during a deep cleaning. 

Hallway & Room Walls 

Let’s talk about walls in hallways and rooms. If you are cleaning the walls yourself, you may only lightly dust them and move on but we are here to tell you that if you do this, you are missing a huge opportunity for deep cleaning. 

When you hire professional services for deep cleaning, the cleaners will be sure to clean and sanitize every part of the walls. This includes mirrors, picture frames, ledges, and window sills. Every one of these items will be washed and thoroughly dusted to ensure that there are no fingerprints or cobwebs left on the final product. 

* Walls cleaning is an upcharge and can be discussed during the estimate. 


When it comes to bathrooms, there is a lot to deep clean. Professional teams typically start their cleaning by doing the shower tiles, bathtub, vanity, sink, countertops, toilets, bidets, backsplashes, and doors. Each of these items will be dusted, wiped, and vacuumed to ensure not one piece of dust is left behind. 

In addition, all lighting fixtures will be cleaned as well as the walls and baseboards. A bathroom is a very personal area and it’s important that this room is in pristine condition before a new homeowner comes in to live. 


When it comes to the kitchen, professional cleaners ensure no detail is missed. Cleaners typically will start at the top of the cabinets, clean the lighting fixtures, and wash inside each cabinet. As well, the sink, countertops, backsplash, appliances, and stovetops will all be addressed. And since you will soon be cooking and entertaining in this space, all bacteria and dust particles must be removed. 

Why You Should Hire Deep Cleaning Services 

A professional deep cleaning team will make sure that every small detail is addressed and that the proper cleaning supplies are purchased. Professionals tend to know which products are the most effective and which products are worth the price. The cleaning team will start the cleaning from the top down to ensure all the dirt falls and is cleaned up. Typically, the flooring is the last to be cleaned. 

How We Can Help 

If you are interested in having your home deep cleaned before you move in, our team at Dust Busters would be happy to provide you with our services. We also provide Newmarket Real Estate Deep Clean services that can clean your home before you list it on the market. To get more information on how our services work, please give our team a call today at (905) 895-5326! 


Our experienced team of cleaning staff is comprised of fully trained professionals. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our team is ready to bring you the clean home you want to come home to!

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