What Rooms Need to Be Cleaned the Most?

What Rooms Need to Be Cleaned the Most?

Here at Dust Busters, we understand that it can be difficult to perform a full house cleaning. With all of the time allotted to work, one’s personal life and other arrangements most people cannot be bothered to clean every room inside of their home— especially properly. The good news is that you can prioritize certain rooms so your home stays (mostly) clean. To learn about what rooms in the home need cleanings the most, check out the information our team has to offer below. 

The Kitchen 

Also known as the room that is utilized the most, especially by families, the kitchen is a place that is constantly full of people. This is by no means a surprise, as the kitchen stores food and water — two of the most essential things we need to survive on. With the surge of the pandemic on top of everything people are inside more than ever, ready to use the kitchen non-stop. 

Whether it is dishes from last night’s meal, a spill from a middle-of-the-night water break or empty packets from a midday snack, the kitchen is often full of clutter. Not only is this space used the most, but it is also the place where families get together to spend time and converse. With all of this being said, this place will in turn always end up the messiest. Cleaning this room above all others can keep a good level of consistency throughout the home when it comes to cleanliness.  


While this may be seen as the space where you get clean, the more people use this area the dirtier it will get. Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that a bathroom can be left unkempt and lead to serious messes that are difficult to clean. Toilet stains, calcium deposits, corrosion of metal and mold are just a few things that can leave your bathroom messy for a long time. In many situations, these problems can go unnoticed as most people will spend as little time in this space as possible. To avoid these long-lasting messes, make sure a good bathroom cleaning is near the top of your list in terms of importance. 

Laundry Room 

Just like the kitchen and bathroom, laundry rooms are used extensively in the weeks one is at home. Seeing as this room is often tucked away in the corner of one’s house, however, it can be easy to forget cleaning this area and in turn, leaving a huge mess. The truth is, clothes pile up quickly, especially when this room is not being properly cleaned/tidied. This ends up affecting your daily schedule as you’re likely going to end up rummaging through that big, messy pile of laundry for a while at some point or another. Avoid the chaos of going on a clothing search an hour before work and ensure that this room is clean, and the clothes are neatly piled up/taken to your room.  

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Cleaning can be quite the exhausting task. After all, it is usually piled on top of everything else you have done/are doing within the day. This leads to more stress, more hassle and less time for yourself overall. In order to avoid all of that chaos, why not try working with a cleaning company like Dust Busters? With our team and wide range of services, you can avoid doing all of the dirty work so you can spend more time focusing on what you love. To learn more about how to begin a house cleaning in Newmarket with us, be sure to phone our staff at (905) 895-5326 today! 


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