Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our Standard Cleaning Service includes the following details that will make your home shine.


      • Wash and sanitize tabletops, damp clean seats and backs of chairs
      • Empty all waste baskets, replacing bags and liners
      • Wash sinks and countertops with germicidal cleaner
      • Remove fingerprints from doors, including cupboards, frames, light switches, kick and push plates and handles
      • Dust all horizontal surfaces including sills, moldings, ledges, shelves, frames, ducts, heating outlets, etc.
      • Clean all fronts of fridges, stoves and dishwashers with germicidal cleaner
      • Clean microwaves inside and out
      • Vacuum and damp mop floors

      • Empty all waste baskets, and replace bags and liners
      • Dust and wipe furniture, bookshelves, pictures and knick-knacks
      • Dust computer monitors and office equipment
      • Spot clean walls, light switches, doors, door handles and frames
      • Vacuum all carpeted floors and mats
      • Vacuum couches
      • Dust window ledges and baseboards
      • Clean patio & glass entry doors
      • Clean TV screens, mirrors and other glass surfaces
      • Vacuum and mop all floors

      • *Additional charges apply
      • Clean easily accessible windows
      • Carpet and upholstery cleaning (steam and extraction)
      • Clean inside oven, stove top burners, and refrigerators
      • Pull out oven and refrigerator and clean behind
      • Wash walls and doors, and organize inside of cupboards
      • Make beds, laundry, and iron
      • Load and unload dishwasher
      • Sweep porches and decks
      • Clean garages and outdoor furniture
      • Strong hospital-grade disinfectant / germicide
      • Office and post-renovation clean up

      • Empty and clean all waste baskets
      • Damp wipe all surfaces, shelves and dispensers
      • Wash and disinfect inside and outside of each toilet bowl
      • Thoroughly clean all basins, shower stalls and bathtubs
      • Clean and polish all mirrors
      • Wash and rinse floors
      • Maintain cleanliness of all ceramic/marble tiled walls
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